Mosquitos are terrible bugs, they’re annoying and they carry around deadly diseases. Mosquito repellent is almost as bad with just the smell alone. I know personally, I’ve always hated putting on mosquito repellent.

It’s a conflicting battle. Do I put up with the mosquitoes or the repellent’s repugnant smell? I don’t have to do either thanks to the tips below to naturally repel mosquitoes.

To fight mosquito-born diseases, place a dryer sheet sticking out of your pocket when in suspect areas. There is a natural chemical in dryer sheets that will repel mosquitoes.

To keep mosquitoes and all flying insects out of your home, just hang 2-3 muslin or cheesecloth bags around the house with basil and catnip in them.

Outside the home burn a citronella candle in the yard to repel mosquitoes and protect yourself.

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