Pharaoh ants, also know as sugar ants, are the pesky bugs we often see in out homes. They need to be eliminated when they appear because they are capable of carrying pathogens such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and even streptococcus. These ants like to build their nest near sources of food and water.

Spraying and killing visible ants will not eliminate the problem, however, spraying pesticides in possible locations where their nest may do the job.

They like to feed on almost anything and will even eat grease and shoe polish. Foraging ants have been found in almost everything including sealed packages of sterile dressings, IV bottles, water pitchers, car engines, etc.

The female sugar ant is capable of lying, over 350 eggs during her lifetime and can lay about 12 eggs per day. The eggs can hatch in as little as 6-7 days. They only live for about 45 days depending on the climatic conditions. A colony can consist of up to 300,000 ants.

Here are a few ways to eliminate this little buggers!

Place 1 tablespoon of Ivory Liquid Soap® into 1 quart of water and mix well.

Place the mixture into a spray bottle and squirt the little devils. Ants don’t like to wash and this will get rid of them and wash away their scent pathway.

However, only serve them cucumber peelings. Most ants have a natural aversion to cucumber peelings and will avoid them like the plague. The best location to place them is on the windowsills. Dry the peeling then grind them up for the best results.

Clean your counters once a week with a solution of ½ white vinegar and ½-water. A mild solution of Clorox™ can be used but white vinegar and water are safer.


There are a number of herbs that will repel ants:

Use Bay Leaves
Place these in all the drawers in the kitchen or cupboards where a problem exists. They can be placed in a cookie jar, flour container or sugar jar. Be sure and only use fresh whole leaves.

Place them anywhere a problem exists.

Mint Leaves
Crushed mint leaves have been used for thousands of years to repel ants as well as rodents.

Place some powdered cinnamon to block their path back to their home colony.

If you place a few small pieces of garlic in cracks where you have a problem, it will deter the ants.

Ants will not cross a line of certain food items such as cayenne pepper, baby powder, citrus oil soaked into a piece of string or coffee grounds.

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