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From Grandma’s & Grandpa’s secrets handed down from generation to generation and university studies worldwide. Help reduce the 3-billion pounds of poisons & pesticides used every year that are harming the environment and ground water.

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With Dr. Bader’s Library of Secrets ebook, you’ll enjoy over 40,000 hints, tips & secrets for everyday problems – and you’ll use them every day of the year!


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Dr. Myles Bader will give you the tools you need to quickly find solutions to any problem – on demand.

Search and find in Dr. Bader’s Libray of Secrets ebook in seconds and identify the quick and easy solutions where you will reap effective results from day one.

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With Dr. Bader’s Library of Secrets, you’ll quickly uncover useful information as to why your problems exist.  Can’t figure out why your own solutions aren’t working?  Dr. Bader’s Library of Secrets will tell you why.  It will even explain, in detail, multiple tips on how to solve the same problem.

It gets better… When you uncover the hidden secrets to your nagging problems, you’ll find that nearly all of the solutions are all found in your own home!  You’ll save time and money and the peace of mind knowing you are not paying an expensive bill to do something you can do yourself.  And as you dig deeper into all the hints and tips you have access to, you’ll end up knowing more about simple, do-it-yourself, remedies than the average person!

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Learn what it takes to become an advanced do-it-yourselfer – and discover the latest hints, tips & secrets that aren’t being revealed anywhere else.

The eleven ebooks will cover over 40,000 hints, tips & secrets – from international chef’s secrets to lawn & garden secrets, handyman’s problem solvers to money-saving formulas & survival guides.  They are essential reading for over 7 million people across the world, including Oprah Winfrey and Forbes Riley themselves!

We don’t stop there.  For our limited time special Holiday Bonus, Dr. Myles Bader will give you FREE access to more secrets and tips to Living Health to 100.  Tired of growing older day after day and adding that pound every month?  Would you like to slow down the aging process?  Desperate to realize what important lifestyle changes you need to make in order to start living a healthier lifestyle?  Dr. Myles Bader, with 32 years in the preventative care field and working with major medical clinics, will give you secrets to weight control, supplements, vitamin robbers, fitness, general nutrition, antioxidants, phytonutrients, free radicals and 100 questions & answers on slowing the aging process and much, much more in his book Living Healthy to 100 ebook- the solution to keeping from paying unwanted medical bills!

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Here are some example problems and Dr. Myles Bader’s secret solutions:

Ever wonder how to keep from cooking a dry turkey?

Answer:  Cook the turkey breast-side down for the first hour to get the juices to the breast.

Wonder how to tenderize your beef when making beef stew?

Answer:  Add 3-5 corks when cooking the stew as there are chemicals in real cork that comes out in hot water to tenderize the beef.

Needing to get rid of unwanted weeds in sidewalk cracks?

Answer:  Add white vinegar & water in a spray bottle.

Pets leaving urine stains in your yard?

Answer: Use 1 cup of baking soda in 1 gallon of water.  Saturate the area every 3-4 days for amazing results!

Need to revive a sick plant?

Answer:  Use 2 tablespoons of maple syrup at the base of the plant and it will help to revive in 5-7 days.

Have a spider infestation?

Answer:  Mix a 50/50 solution of coconut oil and white vinegar in a bottle and spray in corners around the location

Tomatos losing its aroma and taste?

Answer:  Never serve a cold tomato.  Cold tomatoes lose 75-80% of aroma & flavor.  Leave at room temperature for 20 minutes before using.

Books Included in The Library of Secrets

Kids Fun With Science & Food

The greatest children’s book ever published with hundreds of easy science projects, fun with foods, teaching kids to cook, all about vegetables and 100 make and play formulas for kids ages 5-15. Compiled and written with kids in mind with many projects for the whole family!

3,001 Lawn & Garden Secrets

The ultimate garden & lawn problem-solving book with over 1,000 secrets from professional gardeners worldwide! This book will help you solve any problem from growing flowers and vegetables to damaged trees, leaves and plants. These solutions and secrets will solve the problem without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides.

27,000 Chef's Secrets

NOT A COOKBOOK! The #1 kitchen and cooking reference book in the United States & Canada! Has sold over 3 million copies and contains thousands of usable food secrets of chefs and grandmothers worldwide. You will not cook or bake any food before looking in the book and seeing what facts and secrets may make the dish perfect. Took over 19 years to compile all the secrets, most of which will not be found in any other book!

5,001 Handyman's Problem Solvers

This is the ultimate bible for all do-it-yourselfers and covers everything from small home appliances, major appliances, furnaces, flooring to basement leaks, furniture repairs and even the roof. This book of secrets will turn anyone into a handyperson!

1,001 Money-Saving Formulas & Survival Guide

Secrets to making almost any product you can think of! The first formulary published in the last 100 years! The secret to saving thousands of dollars! A MUST for survivalists!

The Secrets of Choosing & Caring For the Right Pet

The most complete informational book on pets. Secrets to building a birdhouse for wild birds, pet foods, health tips, toys, strangers, exercising, collars, training, pet houses, behavior, aging, life expectancy & more!

Grandma's 1,001 Home Remedies

The most comprehensive home remedy book! Old-fashioned cures and secrets that have been handed down for hundreds of years PLUS pet home remedies and secrets!

How to Start 75 Businesses With Little or No Money

Secrets to starting businesses with little to no money! Aquarium cleaning, click-n-work, collecting empty printer cartridges, dog walker & pet watcher, eBay trading assistant, fossil hunting, garage floor painting, get paid to play games, growing herbs for restaurants, home safety inspector, house sitting, hunting for treasure, jobs for teens, making stuffed animals, medical guinea pig, office live-plant maintenance, online mock juror, online tutoring, & many more!

200 Secret Recipes from International Chefs

200 secret recipes from international chefs! PLUS old world cooking secrets to make the recipes perfect!

The Big Book Of Everything Free

Computer or no computer, the secrets to getting FREE stuff & samples through the internet or just mail for them. Free, or almost free, food, free education, teen stuff, advertising, baby items, furniture, TV’s, music downloads, books, catalogs, software, coupons, games, forms, newsletters, phone service, pet items, health & beauty, movies, videos, samples & much more!

Living Healthy to 100

Learn Dr. Myles Bader’s secrets to weight control, supplements, vitamin robbers, fitness, general nutrition, antioxidants, phytonutrients, free radicals and 100 questions & answers on slowing the aging process and much, much more!

“Some very impressive hints and suggestions in this book. Like any of this type of book, lots of the info stems from common sense, but I guess common sense is not as common as it used to be, hence the need for this type of book. The food facts were the most interesting to me, and I really was surprised by a few of the ideas and hints. Overall a good book to have on hand. Would make a GREAT Gift for a newlywed, someone new to culinary adventures, the aspiring cook or even an aspiring chef. The book is well organized and easy to read.”

C.A. Currie

St. Louis, Missouri

“This book was written for those of us who want to stop shelling out hundreds of dollars just to have a repair man show up at the house. One visit by a union tradesman pays for this book. If you are already pretty handy and are needing technical advice on a complicated issue, this is not your book. It would make a great gift for a first time home owner.”


Cumming, Georgia

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